Museums, Festivals, and Conferences please inquire about doing workshops in all aspects of video production and one day animation extravaganzas to


(Grades K-3 introductory, grades 4-12 and college level)

Consulting and Teacher Training (1-5 days)

Hands on training in media literacy, video production, animation, and digital editing using iMovie,
Final Cut Pro & Final Cut Express and iDVD.

Introduction and Pixilation (1-1.5 hour presentation)

A discussion on moviemaking in general Including screening of student made movies and behind the scenes footage. Ends with filming of a pixillation. This is an animation of the students created and improvised on the spot. Limit to class size, 15-25 students, all grades. Can do 3 sessions in one day.

Famous Inventors Show (1- 2 or 3 hour workshop or 2 – 1.5 hours workshops in 2 days):

The students make another chapter in the Famous Inventors Show which starts off with a talk show format and cuts to a demonstration of the invention using video magic. In this hands-on
workshop participants go through all the production steps necessary in making a video: scriptwriting, interview technique, camera operation, sound recording, directing, acting for the camera, and video magic. Grades 3-12, college level, and educators.

All day workshop:

Participants go through all the steps in the 3 hour session plus an introduction to digital editing techniques using iMovie or Final Cut Pro or Express. Limit to 15. Grades 5-12 , college level, and educators.


A longer movie can be made going through all the video production steps and can be spread out through a semester or a school year. Size is 15 to 75 students, depending on length of residency. Average residency length for 3 classes is 12 days


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