Fiddler Ben Guillemette and singer Lionel “Toots” Bouthot bring the old fashioned New England country dance and Franco-American soiree into your living room. These self taught Mainers learned to play music to make people dance and that they do! From town halls, senior citizen centers and folk festivals in Maine to the 50th National Folk Festival and the Festival of American Folklife in Washington, DC. Audiences can’t sit still when they hear Ben and Toots engaging blend of Franco-American, Irish, Canadian, and Western Swing music.

“It is with wholehearted enthusiasm that I applaud the author of Bonsoir Mes Amis for
having traveled in the heart of the Franco-American community.”

”C’est avec un enthousiasme le plus sincere que j’applaudis l‘auteur de Bonsoir Mes
Amis pour avoir voyage en plein coeur de la communaute Franco Americaine” Yvon Labbe, Director, Franco-American Center, University of Maine

“Huey captures a joyous facet of Maine life.” William D. Barry, Maine historian and writer

“The camera faithfully records the warm, relaxed atmosphere of Saturday night dances
and above all the kind of music you do hear on such occasions.” Gerard J. Brault, author, The French-Canadian Heritage in New England


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