Here’s some examples of one day Animation Workshops

This animation was made at ICA, Boston January, 2013 with 500 kids on a walk in basis. Lots of fun was had by all.

AND here’s another animation workshop done this summer as part of the Maine International Film Festival.  I especially like the clay animation, the second part of the this video.  The kids were great and did all that work from learning how to make clay characters to filming in less than 3 hours!






Museums, Festivals, and Conferences please inquire about doing workshops in all aspects of video production and one day animation extravaganzas like above to

(Grades K-3 introductory, grades 4-12 make a complete movie)

All day workshop:

This workshop includes a screening of student made animations and an introduction to basic animation techniques. Participants choose paper cut-out animation, which works best for beginning and younger students, or three-dimensional animation using oil based clay, which works best for older or advanced students. Participants create artwork for an animated scene in the morning and film in the afternoon. Limit to 12 people.

2-3 day workshop:

Participants work all day for 2-3 days creating a short animated movie with a soundtrack. Students go through all animation production steps: storyboard, artwork, animation filming, digital editing, soundtrack with dialogue, sound effects, and original music.


Average length is 12 days with 3 classes. Each class makes one 3 minute animation. Art supplies are billed per site and range from  $50-$200 depending on type of animation.


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