Huey’s workshops in animation, video production, digital media, and media literacy are an exciting and appealing approach to education. His philosophy is Local Is Good, meaning the lives and heritage of the students and their community become the subjects of the movies. Students and educators learn by doing using digital media tools to tell their stories. Participants are immersed in all aspects of moviemaking: scriptwriting, research, operating a camera, creating artwork, animation, acting for the camera, interview technique, cinéma vérité, narration, digital editing, soundtrack recording, and video magic.

Movie production topics include local people, places, cultural heritage, folklore, local history, youth issues, original stories written by students, and curriculum subjects. In media literacy discussions students gain perspective on the pervasive role media plays in American culture and in their everyday lives. All residencies end with a gala premiere open to the community. The movies can be distributed on DVDs to parents, students, community members, school and town libraries, and on the web

Check Out this animation made at ICA, Boston with 500 kids on a walk in basis. Lots of fun was had by all.

AND here’s another animation workshop done this summer as part of the Maine International Film Festival

Video Production Workshops

Museums, Festivals, and Conferences please send all inquiries about doing workshops in all aspects of video production and one day animation extravaganzas to

(Grades K-3 introductory, grades 4-12 and college level)

Consulting and Teacher Training (1-5 days):

  • Hands on training in media literacy, video production, animation, and digital editing using iMovie, Final Cut Pro & Final Cut Express and iDVD.

  • All experience levels.

Introduction and Pixilation (1-1.5 hour presentation):

  • A discussion on moviemaking in general Including screening of student made movies and behind the scenes footage. Ends with filming of a pixillation. This is an animation of the students created and improvised on the spot.

  • Limit to class size of 15-25 students, all grades (K – 12, college, and educators).

  • Can facilitate up to 3 sessions in one day.

Famous Inventors Show (1- 2 or 3 hour workshop or 2 – 1.5 hours workshops in 2 days):

  • Students make another chapter in the Famous Inventors Show, which starts off as a talk show format and cuts to a demonstration of the invention using video magic. In this hands-on workshop participants go through all the production steps necessary in making a video: scriptwriting, interview technique, camera operation, sound recording, directing, acting for the camera, and video magic.

  • Grades 3-12, college level, and educators.

All day workshop:

  • Participants go through all the steps in the 3 hour session plus an introduction to digital editing techniques using iMovie or Final Cut Pro or Express.

  • Limit to 15 students. Grades 5-12 , college level, and educators.


  • A longer movie can be made going through all the video production steps and can be spread out over a semester or a school year.

  • Size is 15 to 75 students, depending on length of residency.

  • Average residency length for 3 classes is 12 days.

Animation Workshop

Museums, Festivals, and Conferences please send all inquiries about doing workshops in all aspects of video production and one day animation extravaganzas to

(Grades K-3 introductory, grades 4-12 make a complete movie)

All day workshop:

  • This workshop includes a screening of student made animations and an introduction to basic animation techniques. Participants choose paper cut-out animation, which works best for beginning and younger students, or three-dimensional animation using oil based clay, which works best for older or advanced students. Participants create artwork for an animated scene in the morning and film in the afternoon.

  • Limit to 12 people.

2-3 day workshop:

  • Participants work all day for 2-3 days creating a short animated movie with a soundtrack. Students go through all animation production steps: storyboard, artwork, animation filming, digital editing, soundtrack with dialogue, sound effects, and original music.


  • Each class makes one 3 minute animation.

  • Average length is 12 days with 3 classes.

  • Art supplies are billed per site and range from  $50-$200 depending on type of animation.

Seeing Through Wide Open Eyes

School Presentation, Conference Workshop, or Keynote Address

An inspiring presentation on moviemaking in the K-12 classroom. Illustrated with examples of award winning movies made by the students in Huey’s artist-in-residencies from the past 30 years. Behind the scenes footage of the making of the movies are also shown. Emphasized throughout the talk is the importance of teaching young people how to express themselves creatively in the media arts. The movies show how youth take pride in who they are and where they live and give honor to their cultural heritage. Movies made by ESL classes, Native American students, and students in rural and urban settings are shown.

Length: 30 minutes to 1 hour and is for any size audience.

All Grade Levels

Fees and Booking

Huey is in the New Hampshire Arts-In-Education Program & the Maine Touring Artists Program. Residency and workshop funding is available through these programs. Fees are $600 per day plus travel expenses in New England–travel days may apply. Inquire about fees outside of New England.

It is best to use the site’s equipment, but residencies include use of: video camera with animation capability, or using FRAMES animation software, tripod, lights, microphones, and digital editing system using iMovie and Final Cut Pro. The site provides a television and DVD player or a video projection set up.

All requests for booking can be made through or call (207) 773-1130.

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