Huey’s workshops in animation, video production, digital media, and media literacy are an exciting and appealing approach to education. His philosophy is Local Is Good, meaning the lives and heritage of the students and their community become the subjects of the movies. Students and educators learn by doing using digital media tools to tell their stories. Participants are immersed in all aspects of moviemaking: scriptwriting, research, operating a camera, creating artwork, animation, acting for the camera, interview technique, cinéma vérité, narration, digital editing, soundtrack recording, and video magic.
Movie production topics include local people, places, cultural heritage, folklore, local history, youth issues, original stories written by students, and curriculum subjects. In media literacy discussions students gain perspective on the pervasive role media plays in American culture and in their everyday lives. All residencies end with a gala premiere open to the community. The movies can be distributed on DVDs to parents, students, community members, school and town libraries, and on the web.

Check Out this animation made at ICA, Boston with 500 kids on a walk in basis. Lots of fun was had by all.

AND here’s another animation workshop done this summer as part of the Maine International Film Festival


Video Production


Seeing Through Wide Open Eyes