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Wilderness and Spirit, A Mountain Called Katahdin captures the spirit of Katahdin and the people who have been drawn to Maine’s “Great Mountain”. The film explores ways of thinking about the wilderness and how people from many walks of life, past to the present, have found spiritual solace and strength in this mountain called Katahdin.

This landmark documentary includes first recorded footage of the Katahdin 100 Run of the Penobscot people and the only footage of Earl Shaffer’s historic climb up Katahdin on his 50th anniversary AT Thru Hike. The film brings together the writings of Henry David Thoreau, the paintings of Frederic Church and Marsden Hartley, interviews with Baxter State Park staff, Governor Baxter descendants, Donn Fendler, subject of “Lost on a Mountain in Maine”, the legendary stories, dances and music of the Penobscot people, and the recollections of the residents of Millinocket and the hikers and climbers of Katahdin. Music for the film was composed by Tom Myron. The traditional Penobscot music is performed by the Keepers of the Penobscot Drum.

Wilderness and Spirit, film trailer, 3 minutes

“Wilderness is a vast time out, a place where we no longer dominate, where we recognize we are part of something larger than ourselves.”
From the film, Roderick Nash, author, Wilderness and the American Mind


Environmental Film Festival, National Museum of American History, Washington, DC
Honorable Mention, Rural Route Film Festival, New York, NY
The Frugal Environmentalist Festivals
Mountain Festival, Golden CO
Shown on Maine PBS, Vermont PBS


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